A Replacement for Spotlight

Spotlight has a glut of nice features, but it still doesn’t satisfy me. I have nearly 2 million files on my hard drive. Depending on what I’m working on (and my caffeine-to-blood ratio), hundreds of files may be updated every minute. Then Spotlight tries to index the drive at inopportune moments, then Ableton Live can’t access files because the drive is busy, and the music grinds to a halt, and …. well, I had to take Spotlight behind the shed, and put it down.

There are many ways to disable Spotlight. I don’t remember which combination worked for me, but the end result is that mdutil doesn’t run on this machine anymore, and my menu bar is devoid of a Spotlight icon. (Also I disabled Quick Look, since its indexing also caused problems.)

But I still want to search my files. My solution was to create an automated job that runs once a day, and saves the path of every file into a big text document. Then I created a little command-line alias called search, which prints any file paths that match a search term. Here’s how to do it:

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