Rainbow Bike Helmet

The night before World Naked Bike Ride, I added rainbows to my bike helmet:

Source code is here.

The LED strip is the same model used in the HypnoLamp (LPD8806). The difference, of course, is that these animations are as bright and attention-grabbing as possible!

Some people loved it. In dark environments it was probably too bright, and painful to look at. Next time, I’d like to diffuse the light somehow.

Rainbow bike helmet holy heck that's bright

Attaching objects to your bicycle helmet is unwise, because it may get snagged in the event of an accident. (I saw plenty of accidents that night. WNBR is a dangerous ride, because many of the participants are inebriated, or inexperienced cyclists.) As a responsible adult, I recommend that you do NOT affix LEDs to your bicycle helmet. … Instead, launch a Kickstarter campaign for translucent helmets with embedded LEDs, and send me the link so I can sponsor it!