LED Installation: The Door Wall

Here’s a quick wrap-up post for The Door Wall project, which Jared Boone and I developed in 2013. It’s a permanent installation of 3,810 RGB LEDs:

The Proposal

We learned about this project through Michael Ossman, who saw the HypnoLamp, and introduced us to Danielle and David Hulton, the owners and operators of Ada’s Technical Books in Seattle. They were moving to a new storefront, and adding a partition made of reclaimed doors.

Together, we decided to run 2 parallel strips of WS2811 LED strips (60 LEDs/meter) around the edges of the Door Wall structure.

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The Northwest Animation Festival

Fallin’ Floyd is my new favorite thing:

Every time I watch this, I notice something new. Thanks to the Northwest Animation Festival for screening this on the big screen this year, twice! What a treat.

I feel like animation is the most immersive medium available today. It has beauty, style, motion (which is—by definition—unreal), a guiding story, and a depth of subject matter that catches you off guard. (You don’t see it coming in Fallin’ Floyd.)

Try it yourself, watch animation on the big screen. Does it pull you inside?

Here are more gems from the Festival that I want to inhabit. I want to climb inside the screen, and experience these worlds:
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