Who is Zach?

Zach is an Interactive Developer living in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys developing applications and games for iOS and Flash. He has dabbled in a million things, and hopes to dabble in two million more things before the weekend.

14 thoughts on “Who is Zach?

  1. Hiya –

    Wanted to drop you a note to say that Space Kitteh was awesome, possum. Worked fine on my Mac, too, so yay :)

    I have been sitting on a board/card tabletop concept that I think could be ported into a bitchin’ multiplayer web game. If you’re interested in helping out (me no flash good), please drop me a line at the email above.

  2. Hello,

    I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for Space Kittehs. It is an awesome game that I go back and play from time to time, which is rare in the world of free online flash games.

    The music and sounds are chill and calming. The visuals are beautiful for the most part. The concept is fun. And most of all, the controls work exactly the way one would want them to.

    Great work, and thanks for sharing!

  3. hey zach long time no see! i was hoping you can help me find alex! if you can please send me some info! you can find me on facebook! thanks take care man

  4. Oh, how I wish you would write a Mac editor for the FS1R that included formant-sequencing , Zach. Your warez are all amazing.

    In fact, I would put up $200 of my own money against such a thing.

  5. Thanks, Duncan! If you have a cloning machine, then I’ll jump in, and Zach² will jump out and develop some goodies (including an “FS2R” synth…)

    But seriously, if I wasn’t overcommitted, then I’d be working on this right now :)

  6. Hi Zach
    I’m an inventor, desinger, maker whos interested in scaling up the hypnolamp for two different purposes. Thanks for sharing the code & hardware list. I dont know if you offer consultation but if so please contact me. Im sure that your help would shorten my learning curve & make this project successful

  7. Hey, what’s the license on your AS3 Speech Synth code? Is it free to use in other projects (personal and/or commercial)? Very impressive work there.

  8. Hi Zach, im Matias from Argentina, im learning about LPC,
    and i have downloaded your project in as3,
    but the python version dont work, have you an update version of the python part? (the part that convert from wav to lpc)?
    Thank you and good work!!!

  9. Greetings from Rochester, Minnesota USA,

    I’ve been looking around, trying to find out who you are, in order to remember when and how I happened to acquire your musical work “Afterpulse.” It seems that it has been in my unusual collection of CD and cassette contributions for quite a while, and at some point in the last year or two, it transported itself into the forefront of my life and listening.

    I feel like I could listen to this creation every day, possibly repeatedly.

    I described to my wife the odd sensation I feel upon listening, only a day or two ago… It was something along the lines of; “It feels like at some point in the past, Spivkurl (my musical personality) digitally impregnated someone. Hearing ‘Afterpulse’ is like meeting a child that I didn’t know existed, and was decidedly raised without my input or knowledge.”

    I listen to the album when I relax, prepare for efforts both creative or laborious – when I am luxuriously happy, when I sad or angry (Sangry?), when I am alone, or when I feel alone. It always seems to fit my needs, moreso than most any album I have heard.

    I cannot explain this, and I have no idea when I found the album. If you know of Spivkurl, and can help me understand bits of his past, then I would be very happen to hear from you.

    Thank you, from a very big fan of your music!
    Spivkurl / Patrick K

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