The Northwest Animation Festival

Fallin’ Floyd is my new favorite thing:

Every time I watch this, I notice something new. Thanks to the Northwest Animation Festival for screening this on the big screen this year, twice! What a treat.

I feel like animation is the most immersive medium available today. It has beauty, style, motion (which is—by definition—unreal), a guiding story, and a depth of subject matter that catches you off guard. (You don’t see it coming in Fallin’ Floyd.)

Try it yourself, watch animation on the big screen. Does it pull you inside?

Here are more gems from the Festival that I want to inhabit. I want to climb inside the screen, and experience these worlds:

Shelter. I won’t spoil this great piece by Carl Burton by describing it. Turn down the lights! Turn up the sound! Enjoy!

Our Son. Does so much, with such a simple visual style. Love it!

Okay. Enough heavy subject matter, bring on the lulz: Love the Way You Move.

Rollin’ Safari. What if animals were round?

Shelved. Worth watching just for the “making of” footage in the credits.

What a great festival. I watched 20 hours of animation in the theater, and I regret nothing. See you all next year!

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