Video Reel 2011

Yes indeed, I created my own showreel!

Watch: regular, or HD version. (Vimeo, 4:00)

The clips have a bias towards art and animation, because: 1). It shows well in a video, 2). This reel was created for an application to an artist’s colony. (More on that later.)

The intro & outro animations (the flying moths) were created specifically for the reel. They’re my favorite clips, yet they took less than a day to assemble. The moths were left-over from an old project (you’ll see an experimental Too Many Moths interface within the video), and I felt the convergence motion was a strong opener.

The moths were composited in Flash. They were arranged semi-randomly, then the image was “baked” onto their wings & body. I flew them backwards, and recorded their positions on each frame. Then I reset the moths and flew them forward, again tracking their flight paths.

Actually, this was done in memory, so it was very quick. My laptop needed 3 seconds to arrange, bake, & move 120 moths. Then the harness presented me with the frozen frame, so I could evaluate how well the moths covered the images. If the coverage was bad, I hit a key to build new moths from scratch.

When I found a nice arrangement, I hit another key which stepped through the animation, and rendered each frame at a ridiculously high resolution (2160×1440, to cope with scaling problems in Adobe Premiere, unfortunately). The frames were encoded as .PNG’s and uploaded to a PHP script running on localhost, which saved the 200+ images to disk. The intro took about 20 minutes to render & export. The outro, being more complicated, took over an hour.

Looking at the reel, I’m happy to present so many types of work — animation, audio programming, visual design, interactives, games, kiosks, websites. These four years have been amazing.

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