A Formant Sequencer in Flash

I started an open source project: fseq-flash is a formant sequence editor. Current features include:

  • Import AIFF files
  • Audition and edit formant sequences in real time
  • Vowel- and function-drawing tools
  • Export .syx files for the Yamaha FS1R

Click to launch. Press the space bar to play the sound.

You can push your formant sequence to the Yamaha FS1R, using software such as K_Take’s FS1R Editor. Click the “Save .syx” button, and follow the instructions in K_Take’s documentation. This is a lot of fun, and breathes new life into the FS1R.

This project became much deeper than anticipated! The code includes FFT analysis (thanks Gerry Beauregard), pitch detection, a formant detection algorithm, and an AIFF parser to read AIFF files. The interface was a challenge to design and implement, and there are still many unfinished features.

My energy is shifting to other work, so I’ll enhance fseq-flash when time permits.

15 thoughts on “A Formant Sequencer in Flash

  1. Great idea and good to see people supporting the FS1R. The FSEQ facilities and capabilities are still not fully explored due to lack of tools from Yamaha!

  2. Thanks a million for your efforts on behalf of all Fs1r users.
    You are a remarkable Renaissance talent.

  3. I can’t believe I only discovered this now! You do understand this is basically a sensation?

    Fabulous work you do. Maybe there’s a chance for a collaboration someday.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all the feedback. Let me know what features you want (…any interest in a VST or AU? Heheh…)

  5. Brilliant work.
    Are you aware of the TouchOsc editor for the FS1R by Matrix ?
    It runs on the iPad with a WiFi > MIDI converter from TheMissingLink.
    Forgive my ignorance, but is your fseq-flash tool available for download ?
    Also is there a web page for comments by people using it, where they can share FS1R patches made using it ?
    Finally, a few paragraphs explaining how to use it would be nice. For example I assume that the 2 rows of buttons correspond to the voiced/unvoiced operators 1-8, er but what about the others ?

    Just fab !!

  6. I want to know how to use your source to shift formant programmely, would you please help me?

  7. Simply fantastic. And filling in a huge gap for mac based FS1R users.
    I live in hope of one day seeing a full featured mac executable/VST FS1R editor combining your formant editor with FS1R Edit’s capabilities. I really do wish Yamaha would revisit FM, let’s hope the reface DX is just the start.

  8. Any way to make this downloadable? I couldn’t do it from “view page source”…be really nice to be able to run this offline in a standalone Flash editor, would help preserve it for future use when Flash is no more…

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