Twang… in Flash?!

Yep, this is a “Twang Player” prototype, built in Flash. There’s only one embedded song, a groggy rendition of the ditty from the first video:

(click to launch)

The next version of Twang will record & save songs (this is done), and share them in some capacity (a bit more complicated). So that’s where the Twang Player comes in. The Flash version looks like it wants to be touched & strummed. I need to revisit the design and convey that Twang Player is just a music box, you can’t compose anything in the browser! …Yet.

There are performance issues on some of my machines, too. This version uses Vector.<Number> objects to handle data, but it looks like ByteArray or even BitmapData structures are the way to go.

2 thoughts on “Twang… in Flash?!

  1. Jeremy, I’m not using samples, I’m truly synthesizing the tones. The algorithm is essentially a port of the iPhone’s.

    Having said that… I’m very nervous about performance!! If I hear any complaints about stuttering/broken audio, then I’ll rewrite the algorithm as a ShaderJob handling BitmapData.

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