Braindead Monkeys album #6

You dag-blasted crazy apes!!!

Braindead Monkeys: Space Donut

The Braindead Monkeys: Space Donut

After a 4-year hiatus, Space Donut arrives! It’s their strongest album to date. Lots of head-nodding jams, and lots of smiles.

Recommended tracks:

  • #3: Parody of a popular 80’s cartoon
  • #4: TERRORISM! “The United States is currently at war with everything…”
  • #7: Nintendo (NES) + marching band
  • #5, #13, #18: Delicious electro jamstep

Grab a banana and an electric drill, and enjoy!

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  1. hey zach im looking for alex can you help? any info at all? you can find me on facebook thanx man take care

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