Tile engine is go!

Homemade tile engine!


Click to play.

  • Move: Arrow keys, or WASD
  • Shoot: Mouse button, or IJKL

Make sure you grab a weapon in room #2, so you can shoot the orcs. Currently, there are 9 rooms for romping.

Not one pixel of the art should be considered “final”. Most sprites & tiles have a ColorMatrixFilter that “skins” them with four particular colors (see my post detailing this technique). In some respects, this is wonderful, as the colors can be randomized, and it’s easy to change the palette of an entire room. Unfortunately, to maintain retro look & feel, I chose the Atari 2600 palette. The dark colors are over-saturated, the pastels are unexciting, and the hue distribution is completely wrong (nearly half the colors could be considered “green”). This will be dealt with.

An earlier screenshot shows some vector art. Unfortunately, the vectors currently require Flash 10. I’ve disabled this feature… for now.

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