AI for Game Developers has a chapter on flocking, and I thought I’d try it:

Click to play! It’s not polished, but it lets you explore different flocking behaviors. Here’s what the controls do:

  • count The number of “birds” in the simulation.
  • alignmentRadius Birds rotate to match the direction of their neighbors. This parameter changes how far away they can “see”. Larger values tend to align the entire flock; small values let the flock break apart.
  • separationRadius Birds try to avoid colliding with nearby walls and other birds. They will turn and simultaneously hit the brakes. This number controls their stopping distance.
  • peripheralVision Birds have a blind spot behind them. When this slider is maximized, the birds will have no blind spot, and will see 360 degrees.
  • turnSpeed The speed at which birds turn.
  • brakePedal Birds will slow down to avoid colliding. When this slider is minimized, the birds will never use their brakes.
  • travelSpeed The top speed of the birds.
  • Scatter and Randomize: Try them and see…

If you want access to the code, the SubVersion repository is open: http://dev.zacharcher.com/svn/flocking_test/

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