Understanding the ColorMatrixFilter class!

I haven’t seen many people explore the ColorMatrixFilter class, probably because it appears daunting. I’m happy to report that I comprehend the mysteries of ColorMatrixFilter now, and I thought I’d share a technique we used in our new game, Space Kitty.

Before we jump into ColorMatrixFilter, let’s ponder a different, and more commonly-used, class first: ColorTransform . Using a ColorTransform, you can “tint” any DisplayObject with color. But there’s something sneaky you can do, as well — Notice that ColorTransform gives you two parameters for each of the four color channels: Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha. One parameter is the “multiplier,” which takes the input value and (predictably) multiplies this value by a constant. The other is the “offset,” which works like addition: adding (or subtracting) another constant from the value. These two functions are applied to all four color channels of each individual pixel. That’s how the magic works.

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How to Crash Flash

Miles and I submitted our new Flash game to the 4th Jay Is Games competition. In Space Kitteh (pronounced something like “Space Kitty”), the object is to rescue cats in an outer space environment. The physics are a real treat — it’s impossible to “fall” off the landscape. If you get lost, just wait for the solar system’s gravitational pull to drag you home.

It’s a lot of fun, but I need to warn you about a serious problem in Space Kitteh. This is a heads-up for users of Windows Flash Player —

Our game will crash your browser.

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