The phantom design pattern

I’m working on my first serious video game project. This may be be the most difficult application I’ve architected to date. (Why aren’t there any books on game design patterns? Oh well… The chance to forge unknown territory is why I love programming!)

Cube and I are still trudging through the first cycle of refactoring, but I think the structure is almost where it needs to be. One more day? Two? Then we’ll start programming the “fun” stuff again ;)

Kudos to everyone who made live and breathe, your news archives have proved invaluable.

4 thoughts on “The phantom design pattern

  1. Actually, there _is_ a book on game design patterns! It’s called, aptly enough, “Game Design Patterns”. It’s worth noting, though, that these are patterns in game design (like high score lists, powerups, and so on), as opposed to patterns in game software architecture. Still, it’s a great read.

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