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My first film score project has come and gone. In 3 weeks, I managed to compose 90+ minutes of music in 3 weeks. It was intense.

To celebrate, I’ve distilled the music into a 70-minute soundtrack album (entitled Afterpulse). You can download it for free:

The name of this movie cannot be stated, since this is an “unofficial” soundtrack. But I will drop some hints, so clever readers can figure it out:

  • The initials of the film are F.W.A.
  • If you view my IMDB profile, you’ll see a link to the film.
  • The director’s first film was called Shiner.



Q. Is this legal?

A. Probably. This is not an “official” soundtrack. The film company owns the versions used in the movie. So I remixed /rearranged each track (also to make the tracks more listenable, and “flow” better.)

Q. Why are you releasing this for free?

A. Because I like sharing my work. And I want exposure, because I’m a badass.

Q. What kind of music is it?

A. Techno vs. industrial vs. horror vs. ambient. Since I was on a 3-week timeline, the results are quite different from what I produce “normally.”

Q. What equipment did you use?


  • Kurzweil 2500S
  • Dual 1.8ghz G5
  • Home-brewed software (C++, Perl) for generating melodies / textures / harmonies / creepy sounds / FFT weirdness
  • Pro Tools 6.7 & an MBox
  • 100+ gigabytes of samples, amassed over 15 years of my life
  • Circuit bending, with a drum machine, NES “Miracle” keyboard, and many other unfortunate devices
  • A lot of tea

Q. Can I download the tracks one at a time?

A. Sure, go here:

Update 2007 April 1 : Now there is CD artwork!! These files are in TIFF format.

To come: some bonus tracks! Woo hoo. I’m really tired.

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